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What’s your go-to source when you are thirsty? A soda? Coffee? Water? Okay, water should always be the first choice. And you’ll love the reasons why.

Your body, my body, every body is over 70% water. Our muscles are 75% water, our blood 82%, our lungs 90% and the brain is 76% water. Even our bones are 25% water! The late Dr. F. Batmanghelidj offers a wealth of information in his many books and on his website. (

Water is vital for proper brain function from the hydroelectricity it creates. Any stress in our life increases the brain’s need for more energy, requiring additional water. It is, in fact, the primary energizer for all bodily functions. Even slight dehydration affects normal functioning including fat storage and fat burning.

Think You’re Hungry?


Consider the brain again. Weighing 2 to 3 pounds, it is just 1-2% of our total body weight. Yet, it requires 20% of the air we breathe, 25% of blood flow, 40% of overall nutrition, and 30% of the water we intake…daily. Nearly 1/3 of the water we consume daily is for proper brain function!

Too often we mistake hunger for food when it’s really the brain’s hunger for more water. True, the food we eat nourishes the whole body including the brain, but only 20% of that reaches the brain. The rest is stored as fat if not used up first by our muscle activity.

Water decreases hunger and caloric intake. Drinking a glass of water before meals will satisfy a craving, and enable one to eat less food. And help keep the body adequately hydrated.

An excellent way to start your day is to drink a large glass of filtered water upon waking up. The body loses water through our breathing, perspiration, and the internal body repair and detoxification going on every night. (Think about it…who doesn’t need to empty their bladder when they wake up?)

Help your body daily by creating this water habit before anything else you consume, including your coffee or tea. I include organic lemon with the purified water I drink, in the morning with my probiotics, and throughout the day. The lemon adds a lovely flavor and is believed to help alkalize the blood.

So you’re thinking “Okay Tom, so water is good for the brain and for weight loss... what else?” Would you like more reasons to love drinking more water daily? Try these -

• It is involved in every bodily process including digestion, absorption, circulation, and elimination
• Water helps thin the blood and keep it free flowing
• It helps distribute body heat
• Water acts as a lubricant for the body’s dozens of moving parts
• It moves nutrients throughout the body
• Handles the elimination of waste

And if those aren’t reasons enough, here are more from Dr. Batmanghelidj’s website

• Water prevents and helps to cure heartburn
• Water prevents and helps to cure arthritis
• Water prevents and helps to cure back pain
• Water prevents and helps to cure angina
• Water prevents and helps to cure migraines
• Water prevents and helps to cure colitis
• Water and salt prevent and helps to cure asthma
• Water prevents and helps to cure high blood pressure
• Water prevents and helps to cure early adult-onset diabetes
• Water lowers blood cholesterol

And finally, how much is enough? A good rule of thumb is to consume about ½ your body weight in fluid ounces daily. For instance, someone weighing 200 pounds should target about 100 fluid ounces of filtered or purified water. Some of this will come from the fruits and vegetables in your daily diet.

This varies with the person’s activity level and the air temperature (due to sweat). Some symptoms of dehydration include a headache, fatigue, allergies, asthma, and constipation or urinary problems.

The wellness value of proper water intake is enormous! Remember the theme here is to whisper yes to wellness and adding more water into your day is a simple step to include. For the free report – “8 Ways to Enjoy More Water” click here. Thank you for your interest, and enjoy long life!

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