Move That Body! Shake That Body!


Remember being a kid? We were active without effort. We moved that body, shook that body. Children today continue to grow and develop as they are busy, unaware of the excellent health benefits it provides. As adults, movement becomes less critical in the busy-ness of our lives. With good intention, we’ll get active tomorrow. What's the old saying? - tomorrow never comes!

Growing up the bicycle was my escape. Not from an unloving home (plenty of love there), but into doing something right now, enjoying whatever came my way. I was present at the moment, with little regard to past or future events. It was freeing. Adding an active image of yourself to the 'new you' will manifest. Whisper yes to enjoyable moving, and you’ll soon enjoy the excellent health benefits it provides.

It’s like my beautiful (albeit sedentary) middle life is now bookended by my active young and mature adult lives. Much like moving the body as a kid, I once again enjoy being active. What’s fun is that this awareness is available to you, too!

It’s Easy Movement - Nothing Strenuous


Be aware of your body’s limits, and please talk with your healthcare provider before starting any new exercise routine. Remember to focus on the notion of movement here. I think the word ‘exercise’ can be disempowering to some. Moving the body is how we’re wired to thrive.

The most straightforward movement is walking. And it doesn’t cost! (Except for new shoes perhaps.) Gradually increasing the number of steps you take daily can have a terrific impact on overall health and wellbeing.

In Dr. James Levine’s book ‘Move A Little, Lose A Lot”, he stresses that all the small movements that don’t happen because of our day sitting can add up to substantial increases in calorie burn, and beneficial improvements to our health. Working at Mayo Clinic, his life’s work has centered on NEAT, an acronym for nonexercise activity thermogenesis. It’s a fancy way of saying the energy (calories) we burn when we’re merely moving.

Dr. Joan Vernikos is a former director of NASA’s Life Sciences, and working with astronauts for years, reports about the link between gravity and healthy aging in “The G-Connection.”. By just standing up and moving, we’re using gravity to exercise muscles and strengthening bones that weaken with the sitting habit. I have a small rebounder and elliptical bike that I use daily. Just a few minutes a day, it all adds up to keeping me slender and feeling great! Join me, in whispering yes to move enjoyably!

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