Nourish With Water

  What’s your go-to source when you are thirsty? A soda? Coffee? Water? Okay, water should always be the first choice. And you’ll love the reasons why. Your body, my body, every body is over 70% water. Our muscles are 75% water, our blood 82%, our lungs 90% and the brain is 76% water. Even […]

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Move That Body! Shake That Body!

  Remember being a kid? We were active without effort. We moved that body, shook that body. Children today continue to grow and develop as they are busy, unaware of the excellent health benefits it provides. As adults, movement becomes less critical in the busy-ness of our lives. With good intention, we’ll get active tomorrow. […]

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The Bear and Inner Peace

  How’s your inner peace? Did you hear about the bear and the kettle of boiling water? Years ago a group of hunters had to leave their camp unexpectedly. A bear wandered in and noticed a pot of boiling water on the fire with its dancing cover. Curious, the bear grabbed the hot pot and […]

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Nourish When You Eat

  The word ‘nourish’ confuses many and frighten some unnecessarily. We’re bombarded with diet do’s and don’ts that, honestly, confuses me too. Allow me to share the ‘nourish simply’ idea. First though, bear with me through a short food history lesson. It’s is essential to raise awareness of what’s wrong with food today, and helps […]

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Let There Be Rest

  What’s the deal with sleep? With all I have to get done today, I need more hours to do it all. I’ll sleep less. Sound familiar? Well, there is stress in feeling there’s so much to get done. Fact is, we never get it all done. Creating more stress anywhere in our lives impacts […]

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