Imagine - what you think about creates your life. What?! It's true; there is a power we all have that we control. (This blog will help prove it to you.) Only, most of us don't know about the control part.

Greetings! My name is Tom Masters, and after years of study and challenge, I'm beginning to see that yes, we do become what we think about, all day long. Although controlling our thoughts takes practice, the rewards are terrific!



Because this is the about page, here is what I'm "about" -

  • Father - two daughters
  • Grandfather - four grandkids - two boys, two girls
  • Husband - one wife
  • Baby boomer - born 1954
  • Healthy - no medications
  • Certified Wellness Life Coach
  • Recovering alcoholic - since 1995
  • Former smoker - since 2012

Yeah...I've had issues. I quit drinking with professional help. After numerous falseĀ 'stops', I finally quit smoking on my own. (All it required was imagining myself as a non-smoker, and feeling how good it felt as one, to really make the quitting stick.)

And has it made me stronger? I think it has, and that thought is my choice. You, too, have an opportunity, and the ideas you believe help determine your destiny. Say yes to learning to focus on who you want to be when you "grow up", the new you!

On WhisperYes.com, I'll share what I've discovered about our manifesting power and the Law of Attraction. And perhaps help you, my friend, rediscover the power in you to become all you want to be. Awaken to life's majesty and grandeur...Whisper Yes to happiness!