Do you know what you want? Most people answer by stating what they do not desire - no illness, no loneliness, no debt. And without knowing it, they attract more of the same. Such is the power of imagination.

If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right. – Henry Ford

Do not focus on what is, or what always has been. You’ll continue to attract more of the same. Study the world’s religions through the centuries, and modern science agrees, there is an energy that creates the Universe and all things in it.

However, it’s something we were never taught. Therefore, It’s up to you and me to learn of it, to become aware, and to empower ourselves to transformation. We're always using self-talk. Now begin to whisper yes to the creator in you!

Thank you for visiting! My name is Tom, and you’re invited to join me in learning about our inherent power to manifest. I’ve immersed myself in the science and religion of the art of attracting for nearly 20 years now, and is my outpost for sharing and my continued growth.

If you can think it, it is yours. Whatever you desire to be, do, or have is already done with the thought. One needs to awaken to the power and the practice of attracting. Not what you don’t want, but what you DO want!

The new you – have fun with this! Create the image of the future you and allow it to dominate your thought. Yes, it takes practice - persistent, consistent, practice - but anything worthwhile does. It’s your life we’re talking about, and it is your choice after all.