Happy for a reason...

Little Tommy seemed the happy kid. Mostly smiling and cheerful. Friends enjoyed his company. And he could find something to keep busy with, the way most children do. Yet there was a sullenness that would surprise the people closest to him.

School work was average. He was bright enough, but the enjoyment wasn't overwhelming. There was something less than happy underlying his demeanor.

College dropout for lack of funds and ambition, his joy was fueled with recreational drugs and alcohol. Isn't that normal with happy? Finding something right now to make one feel better. Live for today!

Meeting his wife and raising a family kept him gainfully employed, but the happiness was hit and miss...unless he kept drinking. And he did. Until becoming an alcohol diseased father, husband, and employee that needed a wake-up drink to steady his nerves. That kind of happy was for a reason...

Treatment happened in 1995,  and I've been sober since...woohoo! I love myself for that, and in the intervening years, I've learned about self-love and self-worth. Life is for learning, don't 'cha know. WhisperYes.com is an invitation for YOU to discover how to be happy for NO reason (thank you Marci Shimoff!).